Servicing & Maintenance

Services on a Traditional Coffee Machine.


At The Hot Coffee Co providing a coffee machine goes far beyond the sale. We recommend and provide a regular service in order to maximise working life, prevent breakdown and ensure the best quality end product.

All machines are offered with a water treatment system which is renewed every 12 months. This may be incorporated with annual service for cost-effectiveness.

We offer 2 coffee machine packages:

Traditional Machine Packages

The traditional package comes with a coffee machine, on-demand grinder, knock-out drawer, water treatment system, click tamper and mat, coffee catcher, delivery, installation and 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Coffee machines and grinders may be sold separately without the package.

Bean-to-Cup Machine Packages

Bean-to-cup machines are available using either fresh or powdered milk. The package includes the coffee machine, water treatment system, delivery, installation and 12 months parts and labour warranty. Machine capacities range from 30 to 150 cups per day.

We have our own, in-house, factory-trained engineers and provide servicing for both traditional and bean-to-cup machines as required.

Treat your coffee machine like your car and give it regular services so your machine can run smoothly giving you the BEST coffee.

What does a Coffee Machine service include?

  1. Replacement of all necessary washers, shower plates, seals, group heads and gaskets.
  2. Strip and clean group head / heads.
  3. Strip, clean and thoroughly clean steam, water arms and valves or replacing if necessary
  4. Check water pressure and general machine setting and any adjustment which might be necessary.
  5. Replacement of Water filter.

Bean to cup machine servicing

At The Hot Coffee Company it is not as simple as a machine just rolling off a production line, being sold and forgotten about. We provide a personalised service where we listen to what our customer wants and then supply them with the best machine which fits their requirements. When a Bean to Cups machine has been purchased we insist a water filter is fitted at the time of install.

The most important requirement with a Bean to Cup coffee machine is it’s cleaning. We recommend the following: Regularly cleaning your bean to cup coffee machine by simply following the instructions given by the supplier and manufacturer, this could save you a lot of money. All commercial bean to cup machines will have their own unique cleaning cycles which will need to be followed to ensure that your machine does not encounter issues during usage.

Typically, machines that use fresh ingredients will require a daily clean no matter whether you use fresh coffee or a pre-ground option. It’s important to do this to ensure that the milk pipes are clear and sterile at the end of each working day. Doing so not only helps to prevent blockages but will also allow you to meet necessary health and safety guidelines.

Cleaning your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is important because:

  • You’ll meet strict hygiene and health and safety standards.
  • You’ll create great quality drinks consistently.
  • You’ll prolong the working life of your investment.
  • You’ll save money.
  • You’ll reduce downtime and remove unnecessary expenditure.