Quality Assurance

Free regular quality checks are provided to customers using our coffee brands.

During our quality check visit we check the following

  • Steam Wands - Making sure they are clean and not leaking.
  • Espresso Amount – Making sure your coffee machine is making the correct size of espresso.
  • Grinder Dosage – Making sure your grinder is dispensing the correct amount of coffee.
  • Brewing Time - Making sure your espresso is being made to the correct timing. Not too long or too short.
  • Group Heads – Making sure the group heads are clean and not leaking.
  • Handles – Making sure the handles and filter plates are clean and not leaking.
  • Cleaning Products – Making sure the customer has all the cleaning products required for keeping your machine in tip top condition.
  • Coffee Count – Just checking how much coffee your machine is producing. This will highlight if grinder blades need replaced or water filters changed.
  • Equipment Condition – Present state of machine.