EX3-2GR Control

EX3 2GR Control

The brand new Crem espresso machine - EX3 - has been thoroughly and carefully designed. Not only from a technical point of view but also taking into account a 360 project approach, which has eventually lead us to this exciting new concept line within the Crem espresso portfolio.

The EX3 is an attractive and extremely versatile professional espresso machine. Featuring a smart design concept, it can be easily customized, and manufactured, through the combination of a wide range of different options, both external (number of groups, colours and finishings, lighting, etc.) and technical. Thus, the EX3 is aimed to suit any kind of business with an espresso demand, whether an independent café or a national coffee shop chain.

Ergonomics and user experience have been also key on this project. Following Crem’s own standards of performance, the EX3 features innovative highly tested technologies in order to deliver a superior in cup quality.


  • ½ turn rotary taps
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Pressure switch control
  • Built-in rotatory pump
  • Pre infusion chamber group head
  • Group flush button
  • 60 mm single pressure gauge
  • Standard colours: White, black, red
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